October 15, 2017

Christophe Pok - Various images

Sorry, although this is (again) a French photographer (graphic designer, image maker, as it is said on his Instagram account) I don't know anything about this guy. But what's important is that his erotic iconography is great and I'm happy to have discovered it. Of course, it is not new and everyone could cite a lot of well-known influences (Helmut Newton being not the last), but it is done with an incredible talent. And some images are stunningly provocative and powerful, such as the ones with a large burning hole hiding the model's vulva. Moreover, the  poses of the models are dynamic and highly evocative of a hot sexual content. And the image treatment provides a timeless ambiance to the scene. Again a strong post. After more than 7 years, it's fantastic to have so many new great images to post. Unfortunately, the only link I have for this photographer is his Instagram account here. If he reads these lines, he can add in comments another link to a site or a tumblr blog. 

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