October 20, 2017

Monsieur X - Mauvaises filles (bad girls) - Prostitutes in Paris 1925-35

These pictures have a weird story. They were taken between 1925 and 1935 in a Paris' brothel, although some were taken in a park around, by an unknown elder man that has given all his cliches to a library 40 years later (in 1975). He asked to remain anonymous and to be called Mister X. All these photos were released in a book called Mauvaises filles - Portraits of prostitutes 1925 -1935, in 2015 (strange this 40 year gap between each event). These images are now more touching than erotic and raise more emotion than excitation. It must not be forgottent that here we don't have assumed sex workers and still less proud exhibitionists but, more likely, poor girls that were driven to prostitution by pimps and brothel owners due to their need to survive. They seemed strangely very happy and relaxed in front of the camera and this gives this series a rather pleasant feeling. And, for body lovers or curious, it provides a fine iconography of the female body that was considered as sex-arousing in this period. You can buy the book everywhere. 

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  1. I'm a big fan of these old shots. Seems photographers have changed very little over the years. I'll have to look for the book. Thanks.