February 23, 2018

Sabrina Dacos - Self-portraits

I intended to post a blog on Sabrina Dacos for a very long time. Several years actually. If I postponed it, it's because I didn't want to avoid her shitting selfies, and I was not sure this was to be accepted here. Weird since I posted blasphemy and very filthy pictures on Scoptophilia, but sometimes we are not totally logical. Anyway, an anonymous visitor recently suggested that I posted something about her and this gave me the signal of doing it. Thanks to him/her. Can't say I know much about her. I think she's Italian. Her work is transgressive in the sense that she breaks the barriers between porn, performance and arty photography. She's providing an amphibological iconography, that can be a support of excitation for male or female onanism (nothing bad in that) as any explicit porn, or be watched as a feminist revendication of body acceptation in all its functions, even the most trivial ones, and last as an artistic work based on self-portraits with a consistent and aesthetically fine imagery. I once thought she would conduct this project for a while and then, one day, end it, but she goes on even today, with a patreon account, showing that she plans to pursue on a longer term basis. What's so interesting in her project is the variety of climaxes (sometimes bad jokes, sometimes erotic, sometimes pee-scat, sometimes with the classic photograph posture) and the impossibility to classify it in any convenient box. Her fans are either porn-amateurs, erotic amateurs, self-portrait amateurs, artistic projects amateurs or feminists. Quite an achievement for a single one. Her tumblr blog here, her patreon here (if you want to support her financially) and 2 sites where you can see many of ther pictures here and there.  

February 14, 2018

Shy Annie - BJ

The account is under the name of Shy Annie (weird when you watch the pix, this woman is nothing but shy) but the profile states it is a couple project. Their work is aesthetically sophisticated and we are far from the usual rather indulgent images that are so often used by couples exhibiting. Here the thema is blow job (the title is taken from their flickr album, not mine). The repetition of images with her have his sex in mouth, with this darkness providing a strange tender and kinky atmosphere, is fascinating and deserves to have a post. Their flickr blog here.

PS. Sorry for the scarcity of posts, but I don't find many things exciting enough to take the time to show them here. Maybe I feel a little fatigue after 8 years of activity, all alone, and even if the continuous success of Scoptophilia and the reward I get from some of you encourage me to go on.