March 27, 2018

Matt Offield - Porcelain

Matt Offield can be considered to belong to the explicit erotic school, meaning that it's harder than vanilla but not porn. It's crude and manages to make of natural and even trivial posture of female models sources of visual excitation. It's a really welcome tendancy after too much decades of fake images full of sophistication and irreality. Nothing more erotic than women assuming what they are in their everyday life tasks. Notably in bathroom and toilets, the places this series deals with. Called "Porcelain", the photographer (no bio details about him) states that it's about "Bathrooms, watersports, toilets (human and otherwise), thingies…". Not much explanation but who needs it? There's not hidden messages here, only the scoptophilian pleasure and it's enough to deserve a post on this eponymous blog. A site about him here


  1. Existe-t'il meilleur blog sur cette plateforme? Je ne le pense pas.
    Merci encore pour toutes ces découvertes.
    Chris Cheker

  2. Merci. Je continue, vaille que vaille, quand tant ont jeté l'éponge. Ce genre de commentaires contribue à maintenir ma motivation. Merci. dk