March 12, 2018

Melanie King - Model and photographer

Melanie King is an American model (shooting notably for Eric Kroll and Georges Pitts, who died 1 year ago and about whom we had made no less than 6 posts on this blog (here)) and photographer, usually working in black and white and who likes to take pictures with the photographers she works with (you will recognize the two above names on the selection of images I've done). Her iconography is very interesting because her erotic postures are strangely contradicted by a sort of the mechanical attitude she adopts and a serious and even severe face expression. No sensuality here, no attempt to create a feigned sexy climax. The nudity is desincarnated. Note that she also takes pictures of unknown people or other artists, providing a collection of contemporary US lives. You can see more from her here


  1. This is very arousing - just because it merely does not intend to be...

  2. Super découverte encore!
    Merci bcp Scoptophilia.

  3. Thx for your comments. Yes it's a very interesting photo-grapher-model