April 22, 2018

Projet Dedale - Various

Amateur photographic projects with husbands taking explicit sexual pictures of their wives are innumerable but few are of significant visual interest. This is one of them. From a French couple apparently, these pictures are posted on tumblr with the following short statement: "Photographic project of a couple exploring the labyrinths of the underground, erotic art , pornographic, unusual universes". Actually, the project can be separated in 3 series: outdoor exhibitions of her, her having sex with various partners, her in the couple intimacy. Most are in black and white. I selected the ones that I find the closest of what a 100% artistic project could be. But here, there's a sexual project too: exhibiting his wife, sharing her, documenting private scenes and giving them to watch to everyone. Don't know where this project will go (it's a rather new one) but deserves to be followed. Here the blog. 

April 15, 2018

Jose Vital - Raf and Liane

Some months ago (last October) I did a post about this photographer, that I supposed to be French but maybe he's from Portugal, no matter anyway. Among his prolific work (with a reduced selection in the above post), most of it with Raf as the model, he provided this unusual series shot with an elderly, maybe his or Raf's mum, maybe not, I didn't find any caption or statement about this series. I really find it fascinating, moving and semantically rich. On the status of the body first (interestingly the naked model, Raf, is not a barbie-like girl or a truck-driver cabin pin-up like neither, but an androgyn woman in her forties) but also on the confrontation of two totally opposed world unlikely meeting by the mediation of a photo-shooting. Note that actually, it's the naked model's world who makes an intrusion in the elderly one, giving the scene a provocative dimension. Note too that the two women do not seem to share anything, like if they were stucked in their closed attitude, Raf being a little bit more in interrelation than Liane. A strong series for sure. The complete series can be seen on Raf's blog here. Jose Vital's site there

April 7, 2018

Féebrile - Various works

Third post about this great French photographer I had the chance to meet recently and who is as nice to talk with than she is talented. The last post about her work was 3 years ago and it's time to make a little booster as we have to do for vaccination. Her imaginary world is full of fear, sensuality, mystery and fantasy, and she would have been perfect as a decorator and director of photography for  Murnau or Lang in their expressionist period. Here I did a selection from various series ("Self-portraits", "Distorsion, "Les petites", "Printemps noir") but I think they work well together. You can see the variety of her styles and maybe, who knows, buy one of pic here. Her site there and her deviantArt gallery here