June 6, 2018

Laurent Benaim - Recent works

No discussion that Laurent Benaim is the greatest photographer when it's about to show explicit sexualities. Quite a long time I didn't post something about him so it's time to do it again. His recent work is stunning. Not so much because of the technics he uses, with some changes in the treatment of the film, but because of the scenes he shoots. Always very explicit, always full of this so special energy we find in excitation, either fetish or not, and that leads to love sex (and to sexualize love) more and more with time when you find the right partner(s). Here I made a selection in the large amount of images he uploaded on his blog since last February. Hope he'll go on still a long long time and provide one of the most stunning sex iconography in history. That it's French is a subjet of proudness in these bigot times. His blog here


  1. Extraordinary work. Thanks for finding these.

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  3. At what point does art become utter degenerate behavior and an excuse to be the lowest form of humanity? I think we've found it.